Trucking Services / Junk Removals

At TNT we offer multiple trucks to serve you the customer.

  • -5 ton cab over gravel truck
  • -3 ton gravel truck
  • -2 ton gravel truck
  • -flat deck trailer services
  • -Bobcat service
  • -5 ton moving truck with power tailgate

We can remove or delivery to your job site a number of products or materials

Bark mulches, Ogo grow , Glen grow, all of natures gold products, Top soil, A wide selection of decorative rock, Retaining wall rock. Sand and gravel, Manure. *Free fill*

Concrete , Asphalt , Shingles , Sand , Dirt, Fill , Rocks , Grass or Sod , Dry wall, Garbage , furniture , mattresses , Appliances . Orchard Firewood , Junk removals , Branches , Yard waste ,

We offer you load or we load options. we can bring our equipment or the man power to get your project done on time.

Trucking / Removals

Yard waste

to save time we suggest having leaves and grass bagged ahead of our arrival. branches should be cut to 10 foot lengths or shorter. if the braches are over 8 inches in diameter the have to be separated, if any chance the yard waste can be placed curbside this will reduce the work need to remove the waste costing you less money. any other questions please don’t hesitate to ask one of our experienced staff member’s will gladly field any questions you may have.

House hold items/garbage

curbside pick up is quickest and easiest saving us time and you money. If needed we can supply two team members to remove the item’s from inside your house/business. Any thing having a cord is recycled make sure they are separated. Cardboard must be recycled not having garbage in them is helpful all boxes must be flattened . Put all garbage in strong enough bags to carry the weight. Home depot sells great contractor bags for heavy waste. Fridges there maybe a extra charge to evacuate the gases used inside. paint and hazardous waste goes to a separate location such as cardboard and electronics extra stops take more time if you are able to do this your self you could save your self money.

Construction waste.

the better sorted the easier it is to load and dispose of having garbage and waste bagged will save us time picking up small piece of garbage and will keep your site cleaner in the long run. painted wood should be separated from clean wood. any other questions please call and ask.

General trucking and hauling

Knowing your size weight and dimensions ahead of time will help us determine the potential charges quickly and accurately. if your unsure and what info you may need to gather please call