Landscape Supplies and Delivery

Bark mulches, OgoGrow, GlenGrow, Natures Gold products, Top and Garden Soils, Sand, Gravel, and Manure as well as a wide selection of decorative and retaining wall rock. 

At TNT we offer a large variety of supplies for retail and wholesale customers. We manufacture our own soil, mulch and fill products as well as delivering products from other established suppliers in the area. Delivery is available and select products available for pickup at our yard located at 982 Old Vernon Rd in Rutland.

Unsure of what product you need to complete your project? See below for some of our more popular rock options sourced from around the Central Okanagan.

Composts and Soils

TNT’s own Blended & Amended Soil
Created on site, we process composted wood waste, loam soil and a bit of sand for drainage though our trommel in order to blend and screen out larger stones and wood chips. We have been producing soils from our yard for 2+ years now and have had much success reported from our customers for use in vegetable and flower gardens, applied before new sod, and as a lawn dressing.


Manufactured by the City of Kelowna, this mulch is great for flower beds and as a decorative dressing; it promotes water absorption and increases nutrients in the soil. While it has been thoroughly tested and approved for use in vegetable gardens, we do like to point out that it does contain human bio solids, which not everyone is comfortable with for their veggies.


Also manufactured by the city, Glengrow is great for restoring nutrients to your existing soil either as a top dressing or added directly into your soil. Containing no human bio solids, this is the product most customers use to increase absorption and adjust ph levels in any type of garden.

  3/8″ Fine OgoGrow
Intended for use as a lawn fertilizer, this screened product has all the same great qualities as regular OgoGrow.


Landscaping Rock Selection

Terms Explained

Road Crush is engineered for structure and the high sand content makes it highly compact-able; large amounts of sand and other fines in the mix can create a dust. Great for roadways and foundations.

Crusher Chips are a more aesthetically pleasing option; also good for compaction but with less fines, created by rock dust rather than sand. Great for walkways, parking, or even as a budget conscious patio option.

Clear Crusher Chips have been screened to remove the rock dust from the product. This offers the most uniform appearance, but lacks the structural capabilities for other crush products.

Still have questions?

Give us your project details and we will do our best to clear things up. We’ll need to know:

  • A basic description of your project
  • Square footage. A simple Length X Width X Depth measurement will suffice.
  • If matching existing product, a sample may be required
  • Your location and desired delivery time